Butler Farm Dog Park

44 Singletary Road, Millbury, MA 


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Dog Park Incidents 

Although we do our best to ensure that all of the dogs at the park are well-behaved, there are times when fights, bites, scratches and aggression happens. We have recently created a protocol for these rare incidents. If this happens to you or your dog at the park, please contact our committee and read the policy here. 

Meet the Committee

Laurie Connors with Bruno - a much beloved 8-year-old, Short-haired German Pointer. Bruno has comforted, protected and entertained us since becoming a member of our family as an 8-week-old puppy. This high energy dog has a seemingly endless capacity to run, jump, swim, and play. Catch is his favorite pastime. He also loves to socialize with other dogs, but rarely gets the opportunity because he is an “only” dog. We love that the dog park provides an outlet for Bruno to socialize and expel energy, which translates into fewer toys and shoes eaten. I also hope that the dog park will provide an opportunity for me to meet and befriend fellow dog lovers.

Monica Delaporta with Thunder – a very energetic 8-year-old Yellow Lab. Thunder has a buddy across the street that he likes to play with, but you always have to worry about them running into the street. A dog park is a fun, safe environment to socialize your dog and what is better than taking home a tired dog! Thunder loves to hang out with other dogs AND other people! I am sure he will give you and your dog a friendly greeting. Come hang out with us at the park!





Vanessa Kuzmanovski with Gypsy- a happy and social 8-year-old, Pomeranian. Gypsy is a Therapy Dog and has sat with Nursing Home patients in the past. She enjoys being with people much more than fellow dogs but still needs her exercise - so this dog park is a great outlet for her to socialize and run freely. I enjoy fostering other types of animals, traveling, naps, and event planning. 

Joy Chambers with Sadie 


Greg William with Eric - a 6 year old mix (bichon & cocker, we think). I think that the dog park is great because I used to go to a dog park before I moved to Millbury, and I saw how much the dogs enjoyed being able to run free and play with their owners and other dogs. My other hobbies include gardening, spending time with my wife and 4 year old twin boys (not really a "hobby," I guess), and volunteering.

Mary and Bristol shown with son, Nolan -

We adopted Bristol in 2015 when she was two years old.  When we first started coming to the dog park, she would shake and hide from people and other dogs.  Now, she eagerly approaches people for a petting and to be told how sweet she is!  The Bark Park is the best place for her to get over her shyness of other dogs and she has come a long way.  She will now occasionally play with another dog!  The Bark Park is one of my favorite places in Millbury.  l can come here with my best furry friend and recharge.  Best of all, I can meet other like-minded people and their furry friends! 


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