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An off-leash dog park where registered members can bring their licensed, vaccinated, and well-behaved dogs to run free and play!

Who Can Use The Park:


Only well-behaved and vaccinated dogs are permitted to use the Butler Farm Bark Park.


The Park is open to licensed dogs from Millbury/Sutton and up to 200 licensed dogs from other communities. 


How to Register Your Dog:

The Park is open to licensed dogs from Millbury/Sutton and up to 200 licensed dogs from other communities. The fee is $20 per year for your first dog and $15 for any additional dogs in your household. The Butler Farm Bark Park is not maintained or financially supported by the Town of Millbury, therefore the Committee relies solely on volunteer labor, membership fees and donations for park maintenance, supplies and capital improvements. Donations in any amount are welcome and appreciated!

   Those wishing to become members of the Butler Farm Bark Park must bring:

  • A copy of their dog's current license certificate issued by the Town in which they reside

  • The completed application form (Click HERE)

  • Membership fee (cash or check made out to the Town of Millbury)

Please contact the Millbury Department of Planning & Development, Municipal Office Building, 127 Elm Street, Millbury, MA 01527 during regular business hours in order to get a membership tag.

The Planning Department loves to meet your pups when you come to pick up your tag!!


We’ll see you at the Bark Park!

How You Can Help:


We are looking for Volunteers for our Dog Park Committee. Meetings are the third Tuesday of the month at 6:00pm. Email Conor for more details:




(Amended December 7, 2017)



The Town of Millbury is responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations to the extent that the Town is able. If there is an enforcement issue that cannot be handled otherwise, it shall be referred to the Animal Control Officer or Millbury Police Department.  Repeat violators of the rules may have their membership revoked.  

Enter the Bark Park at your own risk

  • Owners are legally and financially liable for any damage or injury caused by their dogs


All dogs must wear a current Butler Farm Bark Park tag

  • Only member dogs are permitted to use the dog park. All dogs must also wear a valid town dog license tag and must be up-to-date on rabies vaccinations.


Pick up and dispose of all dog waste

  • Please use the mutt mitt dispensers and waste containers.  If you happen upon waste that a previous owner failed to clean up, you should pick it up yourself.  We are all responsible for keeping the park clean.


No Food (Including dog treats)

  • All food (Including dog treats), alcoholic beverages or glass containers are not permitted within the dog park.  Your dog may not be food aggressive, but others may be. Smoking is prohibited within the dog park. 


Remove pinch or choke collars and leashes inside the enclosure


Never leave your dog unattended

  • Owners must remain with and be in control of their dog at all times.  Dogs shall not harass people, dogs or wildlife who may be in the park.  If your dog is exhibiting threatening behavior (i.e. mounting, excessive barking, growling), you must immediately leave the park.   To minimize fighting, no dogs in heat are allowed in the park until one week after estrus.


No sick dogs or puppies under the age of 4 months

  • Do not bring a dog into the dog park that you know to be ill with a viral infection, a parasitic infection (worms, fleas) or has any open wounds.   Dogs under 4 months of age are also prohibited.  Puppies under 4 months of age usually do not have a fully developed immune system and have not completed a full program of vaccinations. 


Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult


Owners shall report all bites and scratches to the Millbury Board of Health as required by State Law

  • Phone (508) 865-4721

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